1st International Congress on Strigolactones  
1st International Congress on
1 - 6 March 2015
Wageningen, the Netherlands
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Strigolactones are plant signalling molecules that regulate endogenous developmental processes and are secreted by the roots of many mono-and dicotyledonous plants into the rhizosphere. There, strigolactones can induce the germination of seeds of the root-parasitic broomrapes and witchweeds. SLs have also been shown to stimulate the symbiotic interaction with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi which directly benefits the host plants’ growth and development through the acquisition of phosphate and other mineral nutrients from the soil.

In addition to these functions in the rhizosphere. SLs are a novel class of plant hormones regulating plant growth and development, including root and shoot architecture, photomorphogenic responses, secondary growth and germination. Scientists work on the different biological roles of strigolactones and the molecular biology of their (bio)synthesis, perception and downstream signalling.

In this 1st International Congress on Strigolactones we bring together scientists from these different disciplines to exchange ideas and knowledge on Strigolactones and to increase the solidarity and collaboration within the strigolactone community.

Wageningen University, the Laboratory of Plant Physiology, in collaboration with COST action Stream.


Venue: All sessions and registration will take place at Hof van Wageningen, Hotel and Conference Centre (www.hofvanwageningen.nl).

International scientific committee
Harro Bouwmeester
Kohki Akiyama
Salim Al-Babili
Christine Beveridge
Ottoline Leyser
Hinanit Koltai
Jiayang Li
Cristina Prandi
Catherine Rameau
Steven Smith
Kimberly Snowden
Jim Westwood


Local organising committee
Harro Bouwmeester
Henk Hilhorst
Sander van der Krol
Carolien Ruyter-Spira
Rina Anthonijsz

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